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Know When Your Groupmates Opened your Emails!

Group work can be challenging. Track your emails to know who, when, and where your email was opened - NO annoying read receipts.

Looking for a Job? Know Who Opened Your Resume!

You know exactly when and how many times your resume was downloaded.

Easy to Use and Always On!

ContactMonkey just sits on the right side and automatically works. You don't have to change a thing!

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We can't write papers for you, but we have a tool that can make life easier. It's called ContactMonkey, and basically it lets you know if people are reading your emails - Without them knowing!


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How does ContactMonkey work?

How does ContactMonkey track my resume?

ContactMonkey is an email tracking service for your Gmail. It tracks each email you send automatically just by clicking the Send button and your employer doesn't see anything on their end. 

Just upload your resume to your Google Docs and copy the shared link into your email. Click here for simple step by step instructions.

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A free add-on for Chrome Users

Ridiculously Simple!

The ContactMonkey sidebar sits with live data on the right side of your screen. Just send emails as usual and alerts will notify you of new opens. On the right bar simply click through for deeper data, including location and platform the mail was opened on.

So if your groupmate is supposed to be working hard on your assignment but is only opening emails on their phone? You might want to check in.

What are you waiting for? Download it now!


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